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Jason Christensen

I have had a lifelong involvement in the construction industry, with both my grandfather and father building houses during my formative years. After completing my college education, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, I gained valuable experience working for commercial general contractors. However, it was in 2013 when I decided to take a leap and establish my own construction business.

During my search for the ideal product to build a new home for my family, I came across Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) while watching a TV program. Being personally responsible for the labor involved in constructing the house, I knew it was crucial to select a solution that could withstand the elements during the construction process. Considering the slower pace of working alone, I recognized that ICF could be a promising alternative.

In my pursuit of the best ICF option, I extensively researched various block manufacturers and concluded that BuildBlock stood out from the rest. Attending training sessions further enlightened me about the manifold benefits of ICF, including its remarkable strength, energy efficiency, sound insulation properties, and ease of construction. These factors reinforced my confidence in choosing the right path. Subsequently, I was approached to become a distributor for BuildBlock, an opportunity I gladly embraced.

In 2019, we proudly established Lonestar BuildBlock, cementing our commitment to providing exceptional ICF solutions and services.

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I am looking for ICF installers that are subs, or if they want to be an employee we can talk to them. I will also be looking for good sales people.

To apply for a job with Lonestar Buildblock, please send a cover letter together with your resume to Jason@lonestarbuildblock.com.