Floor & Roofing

BuildDeck ICF Floor & Roofing

BuildDeck System is a lightweight, stay-in-place Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) made of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and used to construct solid monolithic (R-34+) insulated concrete floors, roofs, and safe rooms.

BuildDeck combines the strength of concrete with the energy efficiency of EPS foam insulation to deliver a quit, safe, and comfortable home. Added to the life safety benefits of an ICF home, this system is the most cost-effective way to create your dream home. BuildDeck is perfect for site-cast of precast concrete floors, roofs, decks, and walls for commercial, industrial and residential uses. BuildDeck provides structural integrity through reinforced concrete while providing comfort and sound mitigation through superior EPS insulation.

  • BuildDeck completes the monolithic structure of your concrete home by tying together the foundation, walls, and roof.
  • The strength of ICF walls helps protect you, your family, and belongings from severe weather and natural disasters.
  • ICFs don’t allow air to pass through walls improving air quality and increasing health and well being for occupants.
  • ICFs minimize energy used to heat and cool your home. This significantly lowers monthly utility bills by as much as 60%.
  • ICFs significantly reduce low frequency noise such as traffic or other urban sounds making your home quieter and more comfortable.
  • ICFs also extend the life span of your home’s mechanical systems through reducing wear and tear on heating and cooling systems.