Swimming Pool

BuildCrete Plaster, Stucco, and Pool Plaster

BuildCrete is a proprietary finishing system for ICFs. BuildCrete combined with an embedded fiberglass mish grows into the EPS of the ICF creating a nearly unbreakable physical bond. This one-coast system was designed for exterior stucco applications, interior plaster finishes, and long-lasting watertight ICF pools. BuildCrete offers superior impact resistance, waterproofing, and safety from fire and other hazards. BuildCrete has been used on ICF construction for its durability, strength, and ease of application. It allows contractors to be green without complexity, compromising performance, or high cost.


BuildRadius is a family of radius forms for use in ICF walls and pool construction. The BuildRadius forms create 2′, 4′, 8′, 12′, 16′, and 20′ arc radius.

Each of these blocks interlock into any BuildBlock 6″ product line and uses the standard BuildBlock webs. Available in 6″ width initially, these forms are designed to ease construction of enery-efficient ICF pools, southwest style homes, bay windows, circular staircases, and provide options when designing unique areas in ICF homes.